Bulletproof…ish Matcha

14th January 2018

Quitting Coffee

I’ve had coffee everyday since sophomore year of high school. Often, it would be 2-3 cups per day. I loved the smell and the taste, but I was also obviously very addicted. I would get intense headaches when I didn’t have enough coffee. But it never bothered me too much to make a change.

When I discovered matcha, I absolutely loved it, but I never thought it would replace coffee for me. But when I was doing Clean Program last June, it said “no coffee.” Clearly, that wasn’t going to happen for me, so I compromised and had 1 cup of coffee in the AM and 1 cup of matcha in the PM. This was HUGE for me.

Then one morning, randomly, I woke up, and I just couldn’t even stomach the thought of having anymore coffee. After 10 years of having a coffee daily, I just couldn’t do it anymore! Since then I’ve switched completely over to just matcha (or tea, when there’s no matcha available).

Bulletproof Coffee, Then

I remember back in 2015, bulletproof coffee or butter coffee was becoming super popular. I was working full-time, working out, and studying for my LSATs at the same time, which meant my days ran from about 6:30 am to 10 pm regularly. I was really into anything that would help me concentrate and stay focused and alert.

Bulletproof Coffee. Photocredit: IG @bulletproof & @primal_gourmet

Bulletproof coffee has grass-fed butter or ghee in it, along with brain octane oil. The fat in the butter slows the absorption of the caffeine, so you don’t have jitters or a crash. Instead, you have a much steadier amount of energy for a long time. (Source).

I would buy bulletproof coffee regularly, and I LOVED it. Way better than nootropics, which I thought never worked too well for me. But when I tried making it by myself at home, IT WAS SO DISGUSTING. I literally gagged and had to throw out the whole cup. I guess my proportions were completely off.

Bulletproof Matcha, Now

Currently, I’m a JD/MBA student, and I’ve been taking my MBA courses at night. Unfortunately, I am not a night owl. I struggle to pay attention in class sometimes because it’s so late. This semester my courses are very quantitative heavy, and my Wednesday classes are from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm…

So, I decided I would try bulletproof again. But I needed to make it for matcha, not for coffee.

After extensive Googling (aka a quick search and hitting the first 5 or so links that popped up lol), I found some recipes were using coconut butter instead of grass-fed butter or ghee. So, thinking because I love coconut, I should try that, here’s what I came up with:

  • 12 oz water
  • 1 serving Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides (because who doesn’t love strong nails and hair)
  • 1.5 tsp of ceremonial matcha (I used Aiya Matcha)
  • 1/2 tsp coconut butter
  • 1 tbsp Bulletproof Brain octane (MCT oil)

I chose to use water, not unsweetened nut milk, because I normally drink my matcha just mixed with water. I don’t like matcha lattes or my matcha sweetened at all.

Guys… this was so… D I S G U S T I N G !!! 

I had even video-ed the whole process, so I could upload it onto Instagram stories. But after tasting it, I couldn’t fake that I liked it, so I didn’t want to lie and say I did. It tasted so creamy, but coconut-y and left a horrible feeling and taste in my mouth. So i just threw it out…

However, DISCLAIMER: I HATE LATTES. So, if you do like lattes, I would recommend the following recipe, and to use ghee or grass-fed butter instead of coconut butter, unless you’re strictly dairy-free.

Bulletproof Matcha recipe from Rachael’s Good Eats

Rachel’s Good Eats

  • 2 cups water or unsweetened nut milk
  • 1 serving Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides (optional)
  • 1-2 tsp high-quality matcha green tea powder (I like Chalait)
  • 1/2 tsp Ghee
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tbsp Bulletproof Brain octane (MCT oil)
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tbsp cacao butter

Any way, after tossing my original drink, I finally figured out what I like… So if you hate lattes / creaminess and hate your matcha sweetened…  This might work for you:


  • 12 oz water
  • 1 serving Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides (because who doesn’t love strong nails and hair)
  • 1.5 tsp of ceremonial matcha (I used Aiya Matcha)
  • 1/2 tbsp Bulletproof Brain octane (MCT oil)


  1. Take a blender and put in matcha, Brain octane, collagen, and close to boiling water.
  2. Blend. Ta-da! That’s it.
  3. If I want it cold and iced, I just shake it all up in a cocktail shaker or blender bottle with ice (and cold water, not hot water).

Yes, I know this isn’t completely “bulletproof,” but this is what I like.

Testing out Bulletproof matcha recipes.

Do I feel the difference with the Brain Octane yet? No, I’ve taken it like 2x. But I plan on drinking this daily, and I will report back to you.

Are you a coffee or matcha drinker? Have you tried Bulletproof drinks or the diet? Let me know in the comments!


Semi-Permanent Makeup: Eyeliner

8th January 2018

We rarely wear makeup because we’re lazy. If we could have our full face tattooed with semi-permanent makeup, we’d probably do it. Think of all the time you could save not having to carefully apply your makeup everyday! We could spend all that extra time sleeping, eating, or working out!

Julie Jung Studio located in Beverly Hills

We both have our eyebrows tattooed (not microbladed), and we recently decided to get our eyeliner tattooed from So Young at Julie Jung Studio located in Beverly Hills.

The Process

If you have lash extensions, you’ll have to get them removed and wait until your lids are fully healed before getting them done again. Also, don’t wear eye makeup or have any lotion or sunscreen on your eyes when coming in for the tattoo.

Excluding the initial numbing cream application, the whole process only takes about 15-20 minutes. Numbing cream is applied for 20 minutes; So Young tattoos a line on each eye; numbing cream is re-applied; and the process is repeated 2 more times.

Numbing process

Eyeliner tattoo by So Young

Eyeliner tattoo by So Young

We both went in thinking it would be painful since the eye is such a sensitive spot. But surprisingly, we both thought the process was painless and felt ticklish during the process. On a scale of 1 to 10, the pain level would be a 2 (Joanna thought it was a 0 to 1, but she has a high pain tolerance). The only part that felt weird was when So Young was wiping the ink off in between the steps. Also, opening our eyes at the end felt a little heavy and they were a bit sensitive and took a couple of minutes to get adjusted to the light.

After Care

The after care for eyeliner tattoo is very easy. There is no need to apply an ointment and there’s little to no swelling.

  1. Don’t drink alcohol. Actually, you’re allowed to drink but you should really let your body heal. It’s such a small part you’re getting tattooed it’s not a big deal but any time Joanna gets tattooed, she doesn’t drink for at least 5 days.
  2. No eye makeup for 3 days.
  3. Don’t get too sweaty. Especially no SoulCycle or hot yoga.

Touch up can be done as early as  4-6 weeks later and is complimentary.

Joanna’s eyeliner tattoo immediately after the 1st session

Grace’s eyeliner tattoo after the 1st session

Price: $400 excluding tip. Touch up is included in the price.

Have you gotten any semi-permanent makeup? If so, what have you done, and what did you think of it? Let us know!

2018 New Year’s Goals, Not Resolutions

2nd January 2018

Normally we don’t like to set New Year’s resolutions because a lot of times they’re too much of a reach and very difficult to keep up past the first couple months (or in Joanna’s case, weeks) of the year.

But we’re hoping by calling them goals instead of resolutions (and hopefully choosing attainable ones!) and by publishing them on our blog, we’ll be held accountable to reaching them.

Here are our 2018 goals for both our brand and ourselves.

Exercise with Extra Fries

In 2017, we launched our YouTube channel and expanded more into lifestyle. While we really loved filming videos and had so much fun creating different content, we were having trouble editing and releasing our YouTube videos on time. Our brand is only a little over a year old and we realized recently we had spread ourselves too thin.

In 2018, we plan on scaling back and getting back to our roots. We want to refocus our brand and post about fitness and how we lead a balanced healthy (ish) life. Instead of having an Instagram, blog, and YouTube, we want to focus our time on our Instagram and blog. Our YouTube will be on a hiatus for now.

We’ll be moving away from lifestyle and focusing more on fitness.

This year, we will continue to Instagram since it’s the best way we can create and deliver our content to you. We will also try to blog 3-4 times per month (crossing our fingers we actually stick to this!). We hope this goal will help us bring better content to you and allow us to interact with you all much more frequently.

Is there anything you want us to post about? If so, let us know in the comments or feel free contact us!


I’m perfect so I have no changes to make.

Just kidding!


Lately, I haven’t been recovering from my workouts as quickly and if I do too many high intensity workouts, my hips will be in pain. It’s been extremely frustrating since I feel like I haven’t been making any progress with my workouts. I know the main reason for my hip issue is because I NEVER stretch or foam roll. I’ll be forcing myself to add yoga and foam rolling to my routine, because at the rate that I’m going, I’ll probably get injured.

More yoga and foam rolling in 2018!

I’m not the biggest fan of yoga, because it requires too much thinking. I love loud music and tuning everything out during my workouts. Workouts like yoga, boxing, and dance classes require me to be mentally present so I don’t mess up on the routine.

The only yoga pose Joanna knows how to do.

From January to March, we’ll be partnering up with CorePower Yoga. CorePower recently opened up a studio at USC Village and we’re really excited to change up our workout routine. If anyone wants to take a yoga class together, message us!



Someone please organize Joanna’s life.

I’m a hot mess and I’ve come to accept that my closet will never be perfectly organized and my purse will always be filled with receipts (and sometimes even my spin shoes.. gross!). But the one change I do want to make in 2018 is to get my planner and to do list organized.

I added so many things to my plate in 2017 that things have become unmanageable. 2018 is going to be even busier so I need a system that works for me.



One of my fitness goals in 2018 is to be able to do 1 pull-up. I’ve never been able to do a pull-up. It’s always been something that’s been so hard for me. Even when I did Crossfit, I always had to use the thickest pull-up band, and even then sometimes that would be too difficult. I know this goal is probably too much of a reach, but I really really want that pull-up.

Since we train twice a week with our trainer Matt Conrad, I want to work on strengthening my back once a week. Hopefully I can do more than 70 lbs for my lat pull-downs soon!!

Grace will be working on her tricep push-ups and pull-ups.

My other goal is to improve my push-up. For the longest time, I didn’t realize how pathetic my push-ups were and how horrible my form was (see this post for example). I think I was able to do one real push-up back in May 2017, right before I sprained my wrist. Thankfully now that it’s healed, I’ve been working with our trainer Matt on my push-ups. While they’ve gotten a lot better, I really want to continue working on them, so I can work up to doing a full tricep push-up on my toes!

How many perfect push-ups and pull-ups can Grace do at the end of 2018?


Watch less Netflix… oops *covers eyes*. I really like to binge watch shows and usually have my iPad on even when studying because I like the noise. I also fall asleep to Netflix a lot. I know that’s really bad since it disrupts my sleep. It’s been something I’ve been wanting to work on, so hopefully I can slowly start to this year.


What are your New Year’s goals? Do you have any advice on how we can achieve ours? Let us know!

2017 Favorite Los Angeles Studios and Trainers

30th December 2017

If you follow us on Instagram, you know how much we love our group fitness classes! Classes help us stay motivated because you can’t leave, quit, or text during the 45-60 minutes and you have a trainer constantly inspiring and motivating you to keep going.

Here are our Top 5 favorite studios and instructors (not in order!). Also we know all these instructors (except 1) are male… We are not sexist. Our favorites just happen to be male, so please do not be offended because we aren’t and they aren’t.

  1. David Zint at SoulCycle

    SoulCycle is hands down our favorite spin studio, which is our favorite form of cardio. We hate running, but we can spin for 90+ minutes straight! Not only are there multiple locations around Los Angeles, from Downtown LA to Manhattan Beach, but the studios are all so clean and friendly. Plus they recently partnered with Le Labo, so showering there is amazingggg.

    David Zint at SoulCycle

    David is our absolute favorite instructor. We both normally don’t like instructors who talk. We would rather have them just cue us and tell us what to do next. But David constantly inspires us and is so positive! We try to take at least 3 classes with him weekly because we need it. It’s better (and cheaper!) than therapy!

    Things to know: First SoulCycle class is $20. Bike sign-ups go live every Monday at 12:00 pm. It’s stressful AF, definitely harder than getting Coachella tickets.

    David teaches at the West Hollywood and Hollywood studios, and his classes book up FAST especially his weekend ones.

    Other instructors to try: Pixie, Josh, Ross

  2. Matt Conrad at Barry’s Bootcamp

    Barry’s Bootcamp is a 60-minute bootcamp, where you switch off between the treadmill and the floor. Each day is a different focus. Mondays are Arms & Abs, Tuesdays Butt & Legs, Wednesday Chest, Back & Abs, Thursday Abs, Friday-Sunday Full Body. The runs are really hard (according to Joanna because Grace is still too scared to run lol). We usually do Double Floor (DF), so all floor work for the 60 minutes. But even without the running, we leave class drenched and our heart rate up. (PS They have Oribe products in their showers… So don’t mind showering there at all!)

    Matt Conrad at Barry’s Bootcamp

    Matt is our favorite Barry’s instructor. We’ve taken a couple others, but no one else compares to him for us. He’s hilariously sassy and snarky in class, so don’t take what he says personally, just laugh! His leg days are absolutely killer. But then again so are his upper body and full body days. Don’t think we’ve ever left his class not sore. We actually love him so much that we now do personal training with him outside of Barry’s too.

    Things to know: You can also pre-order your smoothie, so it’s ready when you’re finished with class! Our favorites are the Skinny B*tch and the Skinny PB.

    While Barry’s is on Classpass, the spots go pretty quickly. You also can’t pick your treadmill / floor spot or a DF spot. It just assigns any open spot to you.

    Matt teaches at the West Hollywood and Hollywood studios.

    Other instructors to try: ……we really have no idea. We only take Matt. #sorrynotsorry

  3. Xavier Quimbo at Speedplay

    Speedplay is a 60-minute HIIT class. You run on a Woodway Curve treadmill, which is the best treadmill ever since it’s fully powered by you and safer on your joints. This is the only treadmill Grace will run on because of her knee problems. You row on a C2 rower, and you do floor work with barbells, dumbbells, and body weight. We actually did a month challenge in January 2017! (Check out our post on our thoughts about the challenge.)

    Xavier Quimbo at Speedplay

    X is one of our favorite instructors. He has the most insane amount of energy, and he makes all the moves he demonstrates look effortless and easy… Then you realize it’s really not. We love him because he knows how to push us. He’ll stand next to us on the treadmill telling us to run a little faster, flip our screen back on the rowers so we focus on the row itself, and add a dumbbell to our legs when we’re doing abs to add that extra challenge.

    Things to know: DTLA parking can be difficult, so you can park at the Palms valet for $2 with validation.

    If you take a class with X, always know he adds a “bonus round” at the end of the class. It can be anything from another run to a burpee train to a squat hold.

    Other instructors to try: Blake (especially his abs class), Jenny (especially her glutes class)

  4. Justin & Taylor Norris at LIT Method

    LIT Method stands for Low Impact Training. There is no running, jumping, or weights. Instead you row on a water rower and use your body weight on a TRX and resistance bands. By the way, low impact does NOT mean low intensity. We sweat so much during LIT!! We’re obsessed with the water rower since it’s so smooth. We also love that in class there’s an instructor and an assistant to help motivate you and to show you form. The best part is if you have an injury, they will help you modify so you don’t hurt yourself anymore.

    Justin & Taylor Norris at Lit Method

    Justin & Taylor are the owners and founders of LIT and our favorites. They’re both incredibly upbeat and motivating in class. According to Justin, it’s always Friday at LIT. When they’re next to us during the sprints on the rowers, we hit our fastest speeds. We may cry a lot when they add additional resistance to our leg work when they push against us, but we’re obsessed with their classes. If you want the additional challenge, try the Strength class on the weekend… But just know it’s REALLY hard and the other class attendees are intense AF.

    Things to know: Show up early to choose your rower / spot in the class! They also ask for any injuries, so the instructor can work around it and show you modifications if needed.

    Each class ends with a short foam rolling session. It’s amazing. (PSA: You should always foam roll.)

    Other instructors to try: Matt. (We’ve only taken Justin and Matt, so our experience is a little limited…)

  5. Luke Milton at Training Mate

    If you haven’t tried Training Mate yet, you’re missing out. They’re hot Aussies. And if that wasn’t enough, they also tell the funniest dirty jokes in class, so you’ll laugh the whole time. Training Mate is a circuit workout, so you do a workout at each station for 45 seconds, switch, and repeat. Bondi Burn is an arm focus day. Thunder Down Under is legs. Mighty Mate and Sydney Circuit are full body. You also end each class with an abs session. Not sure what works your abs more… the workouts or laughing from the funniest worst jokes.

    Luke Milton at Training Mate

    Luke is the owner of Training Mate and definitely tells the worst but best jokes. The workouts are not easy and have definitely gotten harder, but Luke makes the time pass by really fast. We hadn’t taken a class in forever and took one a few weeks ago. We forgot how much we love it and Luke! Our favorite (and least favorite) is when he stands next to us for our burpees and counts them out, so we have a steady pace throughout the 45 seconds.

    Things to know: Sign up ASAP. Just go. You won’t regret it. Luke teaches both at the Studio City and West Hollywood locations.

    Other instructors to try: Shrug. We only take Luke.

If you couldn’t tell, we’re really loyal to our favorite instructors and have difficulty changing it up because we just love them so much! But we’re always willing to try someone new or try a new studio.

What are your favorite studios and / or instructors? Is there anyone or any class you recommend we try? Let us know in the comments!

A Peak Into Our Daily Lives

30th November 2017

While we haven’t talked about our lives outside of Exercise with Extra Fries much, we both have incredibly busy schedules, juggling our blog and school / work. To manage stress and to make the most of our times, we love to use essential oils from Saje Wellness.

Here’s how we both use them and fit them into our daily lives.


Monday-Friday, I wake up at 6:40 am and the first thing I do is post our Instagram photo and I spend about 30 minutes liking and commenting on other people’s accounts. After, I usually rush to my morning workout with a pre-workout in my hand.

After my workout and post-workout smoothie, my day always varies. Besides running Exercise with Extra Fries with Grace, I have my own short term rental business and I work with a restaurant in Downtown LA handling their social media and marketing. Sometimes I rush to a meeting (without showering.. gross!) or I have work related errands to run.

Great reminder to BREATHE while driving.

This means I’m in my car 24/7 and always dealing with LA traffic. When I’m in my car, I like to diffuse Liquid Sunshine in the Saje Car Scenter Diffuser to keep my road rage in check. I tend to be a bit of an aggressive driver so diffusing an uplifting essential oil blend is a must or things can get ugly.

Time for bed!

Since I work from home and also have my own business, I don’t have set work hours and sometimes work really odd hours. When it’s time for bed, I have an extremely difficult time unplugging and unwinding. 30 minutes before bed, I diffuse about 8-10 drops of Tranquility in my Saje Wellness Aromatime Diffuser to help me relax and fall asleep.


I am currently a 2nd year JD/MBA student (I have 2 more years of school after this one!), so I am currently taking my first-year MBA courses while still having to balance any law school activities I have. My law school and my business school are also on two separate campuses on different ends of the city.

Love waking up to the smell of Saje’s Energy blend.

Typically, my day starts around 6:30 am. I love to use my Saje Wellness Aromatime Diffuser to wake up with Energy. I feel that it helps me get started on my day.

After texting back and forth with Joanna and catching up on our Instagram and our emails, I check my to-do list and my bullet journal. (Side note: Does anyone want a blog post on how I do my bullet journal?) Then I head to a morning workout.

Afterwards, my days are always different. Because I need to stay on top of my MBA schoolwork, Exercise with Extra Fries duties, law school activities, and personal life, I usually carry everything with me on a regular basis. You should see how many bags I normally carry!

For me, anywhere can become a workspace. Even though I have a great little set-up in my apartment with a standing desk, very often, I need to study at Joanna’s office in between shooting content, at a coffee shop in between appointments, or at the library before class. My absolute favorite essential oil blend is Peppermint Halo. I love to apply it to my hairline in a halo, adding it to my temples if I have a headache or anywhere I feel any soreness or pain. It’s so cooling and soothing. It also really helps me focus better.

Addicted to Saje’s Peppermint Halo.

I also love that I can easily carry around a mini diffuser I can plug into my laptop via USB. I diffuse either Liquid Sunshine to keep me happy or more Peppermint Halo.


November Favorites

22nd November 2017

This blog post is in partnership with Crest 3D White, but all opinions are our own.

We can’t believe it’s almost the end of the year and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I swear we say this every year, but this year has flown by. We’re slowly shifting into hibernation mode and the one thing that’s always on our minds right now is what we’re going to eat for Thanksgiving dinner.

One of our goals this year was to blog regularly, but balancing all our social media channels and life has been a bit difficult. So in an effort to force ourselves to blog more, we’re starting a new series and every month, we’re going to introduce three things we’re currently obsessed with. Tell us some of your current favorite things!

  1. Crest® 3D White™ Whitening Therapy Enamel Care Toothpaste
    We’ve both been using the new Crest® 3D White™ Whitening Therapy toothpastes for about a week now, and we love it. Being frequent coffee and wine drinkers, we always need to use a whitening toothpaste. But we love this one because it does more than just whiten, it also repairs weakened enamel. Grace has been using the Sensitivity Care one because she has sensitive teeth and most whitening products hurt her teeth. However, this one doesn’t hurt at all. Click here to purchase yours!

Crest® 3D White™ Whitening Therapy Toothpaste

  1. YumEarth
    Grace recently discovered YumEarth gummy bears and candies at Whole Foods and we’ve both been hooked ever since. Grace has a major sweet tooth and is obsessed with gummy bears so she was excited to find a product with no artificial flavors that still tasted good.

    Our favorite gummy bears and candies

  2. Kaged Muscle BCAA and Cellucor C4 Ripped
    Our friend Amanda aka MeowMeix recommended Kaged Muscle BCAA before a workout to help reduce muscle soreness and recover faster after workouts. We workout almost everyday and since taking BCAA everyday, we haven’t been as sore. The unflavored one doesn’t taste great so we mix a scoop of it into our Cellucor C4 Ripped and chug it 20 minutes before our workout.

    A scoop of BCAA and pre-workout is a must before every workout.

  3. Bonus: TEQUILA!
    Joanna will always be a vodka girl, but she recently fell in love with good añejo tequilas in Mexico. Her favorite tequila right now is Heradura Añejo since it goes down smoothly without needing to be chilled.

    Guac and a side of tequila.

Tone It Up Tour: Los Angeles

6th October 2017

On Friday, September 15, we had the opportunity to attend the Tone It Up Tour at the StubHub Center in Los Angeles. We had such a blast, getting our butts kicked by Jillian Michaels and K&K. We could barely walk back to our car…especially since we accidentally parked like a mile away.

Watch our recap video!

Bumped into some friends — @laurenlivesinleggings & @mallory_tiu_la

Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels (IG: @jillianmichaels) led us in a 30-minute workout. Guys. This was so ridiculously hard. We were already sore from a session with our trainer the day before and Speedplay LA that morning… But we could not keep up even if we weren’t sore…

The most insane move was a donkey-kick burpee with a tuck jump. But of course she (and the girls on stage with her!) made it look so easy and effortless. Legit GOALS. We kept looking at each other going “uh….” after every move and every circuit. Definitely did not help that we were in the front and center of the crowd…


Karena & Katrina led a full-body, butt-kicking workout. It was so much fun being able to workout with them in person and with hundreds of other strong ladies. We loved how the workout seemed to go by so quickly since it was such a dance party. But omg those squat tuck jumps KILLED us!

Our fave was ending with a quick yoga session. We definitely needed to stretch after how hard the workouts were. But it definitely showed how much we need to do more yoga (yes, we’re like a broken record with that lol).

But watching them… how is it possible for 2 people to look SO good while working out?! We looked so gross and sweaty during and afterwards. Someone teach us pleaseeee.


Overall, the event was so well put together. We loved how there was so much cold Core water available for anyone to grab. They also had the best sponsors like Healthade, Krave, Coola, and REBBL, aka all of our favorites!

Love our Cotton:On Body workout clothes.

Also the VIP Rosé Garden was so cute. They had the cutest seating and rugs set up so we could lounge and drink rosé… or more water and kombucha, since we skipped rosé that day.

There was even a Wheel of Fortune, where you could potentially win the cutest Goldsheep Tone It Up tour exclusive rose printed leggings. Unfortunately we didn’t win…. 🙁 But thankfully we didn’t win burpees either…because they would have been the saddest burpees ever.

Hanging out in the Rosé Garden!

There are still more Tone It Up Tour events happening! Let us know if you’ve attended or will be attending one! We wish we could go all over again.

Hangover Prevention

5th October 2017

What a typical hangover meal diary looks like for me.

If you know me, you know I love drinking. After one too many shots of Grey Goose chilled, I’m guaranteed to wake up with a hangover. But when you’re in your 30s, hangovers are 10x more painful and last a minimum of 2 days. No one has time for that! I’ve pretty much tried every hangover prevention and remedies known and I’m counting down my top 3 favorites. And no, Pedialyte is not on this list. That’s amateur shit!

FYI, these hangover preventions won’t work if you mix every alcohol at the bar. And please remember to drink responsibly! I’m not responsible for drunk texts to exes or other decisions you make while intoxicated.

3. LyteShow
$15.78 on Amazon
LyteShow is a concentrated drink that’s packed with electrolytes. You mix a bit of the concentrated drink with water and it’ll keep you hydrated. It has a bit of a salty taste, but suck it up and chug it. When I’m too lazy to drink a large glass of water with it, I’ll take a shot of LyteShow and chase it with a little bit of water. It’s mainly intended for athletes or people that are dehydrated, but I use it to prevent hangovers. Drinking counts as a sport, right? I’ll drink some before drinking and right before I go to sleep. You can never be too hydrated!

2. Condition
Hard to find in Los Angeles, but about $6/bottle if you’re lucky enough to find it in a Korean grocery store.
I was introduced to Condition a few years ago in South Korea. Koreans are the world’s biggest consumers of hard liquor and drink more than Brits, Russians, and Americans combined. So naturally, companies in Korea came up with anti-hangover drinks. Every convenience store you walk into, you’ll find rows of hangover prevention drinks. After trying almost every one of them, my favorite is Condition. Up until recently, I found out I was drinking Condition incorrectly. I always took it before I started drinking, but the proper way is to drink it before bed. I went on a 10-day Asia trip earlier this year with friends and we drank heavily every night, but none of us had hangovers thanks to Condition.

My favorite anti-hangover drink from South Korea.

Left to right.
1. Condition
2. Morning Care
3. Dawn 808
Other popular anti-hangover drinks.

1. DHM Depot Dihydromyricetin
$19.95 on Amazon
I can’t take the credit for finding this. My friend Joann found that the main ingredient in Condition is Dihydromyricetin and found it on Amazon. These pills are so effective, I recently went on a crazy 36-hour Vegas trip, which involved club, nap, day club, nap, and club and I wasn’t hungover at all. Just take 1 before drinking, and 2 before bed and you’ll wake up with no hangover. It’s just as effective as Condition, easier to find, and much cheaper.


Tell me if any of these hangover preventions worked for you!

– Joanna

Flywheel Sports

14th September 2017

We were gifted classes, but all opinions are our own.

Everyone knows that spinning is our favorite cardio and that we take classes at least 3 times a week. There’s something therapeutic about being in a dark room with loud music and sweating your butt off.

Grace’s goal is to hit 300 total power. She was SO close and hit 280.

For September, we decided to commit ourselves to one spin studio, Flywheel Sports. It’s been awhile since we took classes at Flywheel so we were worried. Will we like the instructors? Will it be challenging enough? And most importantly will the studios be clean and the bikes well maintained?

Flywheel Santa Monica carries these super cute Ultracor leggings.

All our worries were put aside after our first class at the Playa Vista location. Not only is the  studio beautiful and extremely clean, but we felt that the instructors were challenging. We didn’t “dance” on the bike like we usually do, but the high resistance and hills worked different muscles we weren’t used to. Also, it was fun to compete with our friends to see who would have the highest total power at the end of class. A little competition is always fun!

Tell us your favorite spin studio!


August Nail Art

19th August 2017

Because we work out so much (and because we’re both klutzy), we love to get gel nails since they don’t chip so easily and last 3-4 weeks!

We both go to Marie Nails every month and love to get something fun done on our nails. There are multiple locations of Marie Nails, but we go to the one in Koreatown. We usually make our appointments about a month in advance.

We get inspiration for our nail art from Pinterest and different nail artists on Instagram. Some of our favorites are Nina Nailed It, Get Buffed Nails, and Rice Kitty Nails.

For August, we chose something bright, fun, and summer-y for our pool party.

Joanna’s nails. Pineapple and watermelon nails!

Grace’s nails. Perfect pool party nails.

Do you like getting nail art done? Let us know!