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14th September 2017

We were gifted classes, but all opinions are our own.

Everyone knows that spinning is our favorite cardio and that we take classes at least 3 times a week. There’s something therapeutic about being in a dark room with loud music and sweating your butt off.

Grace’s goal is to hit 300 total power. She was SO close and hit 280.

For September, we decided to commit ourselves to one spin studio, Flywheel Sports. It’s been awhile since we took classes at Flywheel so we were worried. Will we like the instructors? Will it be challenging enough? And most importantly will the studios be clean and the bikes well maintained?

Flywheel Santa Monica carries these super cute Ultracor leggings.

All our worries were put aside after our first class at the Playa Vista location. Not only is the  studio beautiful and extremely clean, but we felt that the instructors were challenging. We didn’t “dance” on the bike like we usually do, but the high resistance and hills worked different muscles we weren’t used to. Also, it was fun to compete with our friends to see who would have the highest total power at the end of class. A little competition is always fun!

Tell us your favorite spin studio!


12 thoughts on “Flywheel Sports

  1. Laura

    I think riding a bike is harder than running (LOL), so I haven’t tried a spin class! I also like doing my own thing, but it’d be fun to try something new!

  2. Christine

    Sounds like a great work out! I’ve never tried it, but this looks amazing. I’ve always wanted to do a spin class type of workout!

  3. Alisa Fleming

    This looks like so much fun! I’ve actually never been spinning, but my husband really likes those classes. He’s always been into biking, so this might be something fun for him to try.


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